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Picasso said, "I don't search, I find." 

David Hockney said " - on the other hand, you won't find a lot unless you are looking all the time - "


Hockney also said  "Well, you need a few oddballs. That's, why you need lots of artists, and not just painters, but of all kinds. They look at life from another angle." 

The exhibition at Monkton Arts Ryde IoW July 2022

Below are the individual items with their labels

The Arbitaryness of Serendipitous Luck.jpg

The Arbitrariness of

Serendipitous Luck

The Abandoned Home of a Nervous Rich Spider.jpg

The Abandoned Home of a Rich Nervous Spider

If you look hard and you can see the web in the middle of their spikey protective home

Cubist self portrait.jpg

A Cubist Self Portrait
Tapping into the tradition of the Cubist movment's skip

The exploration of the hole in the edge of the universe 3.jpg

The Discovery of a Hole at the Edge of the Universe

Three men exploring the hole in the edge of the univers.jpg
The exploration of the hole in the edge of the universe 2.jpg

See if you can see the three people trying to climb through the hole in the edge of their universe?

Ingot we trust with label_edited.jpg

In'got We Trust

Der Unterwsser-Scherheitshund 2.jpg

Der Untervasser Sicherheitsund
(The underwater safety dog)

Devine Decisive Devisive.jpg

A Devine Decisive Divider Device

Quarr lichen_edited.jpg

The Golden Lichen of Quarr

Or is the real beauty in their delicate natural colour and form, not their imposed golden value


Does Gold-

Give value or take it away? or

Cover up or expose? or

‘Improve’ or destroy? or

Allow the greedy to abuse?

The Golden Points of Friendship.jpg
The Season's Magnanimous Finial.jpg

The Season's Magnificent Finial
Oh! The Beauty of Magnolia

Neptune's Royal Visiting Card.jpg

Neptune's Royal Visiting Card

A fossilised Computer Games Controller.jpg
A fosslilised artists model arching her back.jpg
A Fossilised King Dolphin Leaping backwards out of the Water.jpg

LEFT - An artists Model with an arched back
CENTRE - A fossilised left handed computer games controller that fits the hand perfectly
RIGHT - A rich Dolphin leaping back out of the water
it all depends on your angle of approach

The One Eyed Owl.jpg

The One Eyed Owl

An Ancient Fossilised Clay Pipe Bowl.jpg

An ancient fossilised
clay pipe bowl

See the real pipe bowl to the side of the glorified gilded Objet found on Ryde beach

And you thought slugs were pink and grey and slimy not gold and smooth and beautifully patterned

golden slug.jpg

What do you think?

Don’t just say it is obvious -

It depends on how you see things,

Each of us sees things differently

Are these ‘beautiful’ or is it me?

Does the gold do it for you or does it mangle the beauty, value and greed?


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but the number of moments that take our breath away

Thinking is hard, that is why most people judge

Karl Jung


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