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Phone Cameras


We now have cameras on every smartphone, but why do we have to take a photo everything? We all take thousands of photos every year and now we are being charged to store them. A photo is at best a trigger for memories of a moment, pointless if you weren’t there at the moment. I can’t imagine my children sitting down and scrolling through thousands of photos, that is if I remembered to give them the password.


Scrolling through a screen of photos it is not the same as finding a box of photos in the attic (and I confess there are a few of those, as well as boxes of negatives!). Will they exclaim “Oh look here is a photo of somewhere” or “yes, and here is a lovely photo of someone and their family, or friends, or acquaintances, doing something, somewhere.”


I think every smartphone image taken should automatically evaporate in 30 days. If it is important, title it and save it (at least file names can be bigger than eight characters now - there that ages me) and store it on a stick. After every day out, review the photos you took when you get back home. Not that that is likely to happen.


You only need to keep a very few photos to pass on. Pictures of where you have been can be found in better quality images in books and even an internet search. Pictures of people are only meaningful if they are identified, otherwise, they have no meaning whatsoever to others. Have you been through your photos recently? A lot of those won’t have any meaning to you now either!


So why make the kids have to make the choice to delete them? Delete them now and save them the time and make them grateful to you that they don’t have to waste their lives going through all of yours, and save yourself the cost of storage!

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