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Poems about the Isle of Wight

Being won over to Island Life



This is my third year on the Isle of Wight.

I have a view over the Solent to the North.

And to the south the tall tower and spire

Of Ryde Town Hall and All Saints church.


As I look out on the Solent, towards the setting sun.

Black lines along the sea, contrast with silver moving water.

And shadows from the clouds makes lines towards me.

I am moved by the strange, chequered pattern on the surface.


Buoys, unseeable in daylight, now show red and green.

The tall Spinnaker tower glows bright blue with red flashes.

Whilst the chimney at Fawley shows three bands of red.

And on Eastleigh’s coast cars flash their lights as they turn.


As the light fades there are new lights to be seen

That twinkle at me through the coastal trees.

Often the lights are all blocked when a container ship passes

And are vastly outshone by a cruise liner twinkling past.


As I look out to sea over my neighbour’s roof.

While the sun dips behind the horizon, the lights shine brighter.

The island’s evening air gently brushes my face,

And Three years on I feel that here is now my home.


jacb June 2020 January 2021

My Island home
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