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Stuff I am working on and stuff I wish I hadn't worked on

Some of them might come to something



(Don’t read the () if you don’t want, it is a semi visual poem)


What is it that is this life?


If not a second-hand shop


In a large cold metal shed.

(Shower gel)

Opening parcels with a knife,

(Hotter water)

Waiting to go back to bed.

(Warm dry towel)

A shower poem


A promise is a promise until the future doesn't fit.

A promise is a promise though the future is a blank.

A promise is a promise though you fear a little bit.

A promise is a promise is a promise - is it not.



jacb Sep 2019

The dog

The Dog?

I have a white dog

Not sure how I got it.

Mistakes happen occasionally,

But the colour wasn’t it.


The breed is uncertain,

Or rather I don’t know it.

The size is rather midlin,

But the size wasn’t it.


The fur is rather furry,

It’s full, we need to brush it.

It’s skilled at early moulting,

But the fur wasn’t it.


What was the mistake?

It’s a dog! That's what.

Oh why did I go to the pet shop?

Because it was near the wrong bus stop.  

jacb October 2019


My Granddad gave me his canoe before he died.

Not a bequest but when he gave it me, I cried.

Now I receive my winner’s medal on the stand,

But what can I bequeath, give to a younger hand?


A few Olympics ago my father stood on this rostrum,

I saw the personal cost that the award took from him.

I saw the joy of achieving a job well done,

What can I give for the inheritance of a younger one?


What will change an attitude, the way of doing things?

So that it becomes the way that WE do things.

The way that the young learn from the old,

The way that WE beat the rest of the world.


I will pass on to my own son, that

No well intended central diktat,

No campaign, policy or manifesto,

Will bend the will or change the heart or soul.


It can't be forced, but it is nurtured

As we stand aside and encourage

So that younger may be stronger, better

Experienced, fighting against the tide.

August 2012 November 2019


Serendipitous Disinterested Fascination

This is actually what was printed on the door label on our HiSense double door American style Fridge Freezer. The first verse is the actual label wording on the fridge door without any edit or change whatsoever

This door could not close

When the clapboard laid down.

If forcibly closed

The door will be damaged.

The door could be closed

When the clapboard

Perpendicular put.

Remove the label after skilled operation.


Or with one modification for a slightly more CP3O effect


This door will close not

When clapboard laid down.

If forcibly closed

Damaged the door will be.

The door could be closed

When the clapboard is

Perpendicular put.

After skilled operation

The label remove.


 November 2019

Olympic legacy

Olympic Legacy


What will I leave behind?

The fact I ran quickly?

Faster than everyone else?

That my picture went viral?

Front of all the papers?

What was my difference?

What did I do to make change?


Was I driven?

Was I confident?

Was I self-controlled?

Was I determined?

Was I too obsessed?

Was it in my genes?


What do I tell those who are to come?

Who only know the electron and pixel.

That the body is not a machine, but

An amazing organism

Needing care and training

Needing food and nurture


Perhaps I will have to tell those who come

How to pick the sport that suits your body


How to pick your trainer


How to pick the age you are born in

How to pick your parents

How to pick your genes.

August 2012 and November 2019



Who sounded the gong; Who made a bad pong

And who did not do what they should have done?

Who carried on; Who put more in their wallet,

Who worried about now and how they felt?


Is there a way off of this slippery slope

Or are there too many of us to agree?

Could we all work to give us hope

And can we leave our kids worry free?


Oh dear!


Jan 2020


Yu Wah!

Does it go, does it come

Does it come, does it go

Are the parts more than the sum

Are we all allowed to know?


Does fiddling with the words

Make it rhyme or understood

Is the implication carried

More important than the word?

Yu wah!
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